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Nonlinear analysis of complex cells in cat visual cortex
  J. Touryan   B. Lau   Y. Dan
Computational subunits of visual cortical neurons revealed by artificial neural networks
  B. Lau
Isolation of relevant visual features from random stimuli for cortical complex cells.
  Jon Touryan   Brian Lau   Yang Dan
Dopaminergic Drugs Modulate Learning Rates and Perseveration in Parkinson's Patients in a Dynamic Foraging Task
  R. B. Rutledge   S. C. Lazzaro   B. Lau   C. E. Myers   M. A. Gluck   P. W. Glimcher
Image sieves
  Brian Lau
Computational subunits of visual cortical neurons revealed by artificial neural networks.
  Brian Lau   Garrett B. Stanley   Yang Dan
Statistics of Midbrain Dopamine Neuron Spike Trains in the Awake Primate
  H. M. Bayer   B. Lau   P. W. Glimcher
Emergence of un-correlated common-mode oscillations in the sensory cortex.
  Robert Kozma   Maritza Alvarado   Linda J. Rogers   Brian Lau   Walter J. Freeman
Emergence of un-correlated common-mode oscillations in the sensory cortex
  Robert Kozma   Maritza Alvarado   Linda Rogers   Brian Lau   Walter J. Freeman
Action and Outcome Encoding in the Primate Caudate Nucleus
  B. Lau   P. W. Glimcher
Different Time Courses for Learning-Related Changes in Amygdala and Orbitofrontal Cortex
  Sara E. Morrison   Alexandre Saez   Brian Lau   C. Daniel Salzman
Different time courses for learning-related changes in amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex.
  Sara E. Morrison   Alexandre Saez   Brian Lau   C. Daniel Salzman
Dopaminergic drugs modulate learning rates and perseveration in Parkinson's patients in a dynamic foraging task.
  Robb B. Rutledge   Stephanie C. Lazzaro   Brian Lau   Catherine E. Myers   Mark A. Gluck   Paul W. Glimcher
Noncholinergic neurons in the basal forebrain: often neglected but motivationally salient.
  Brian Lau   C. Daniel Salzman
Noncholinergic Neurons in the Basal Forebrain: Often Neglected but Motivationally Salient
  Brian Lau   C. Daniel Salzman
Situating the Superior Colliculus within the Gaze Control Network
  Michael Platt   Brian Lau   Paul Glimcher
The rhythms of learning.
  Brian Lau   C. Daniel Salzman
The rhythms of learning
  Brian Lau   C. Daniel Salzman
Dynamic response-by-response models of matching behavior in rhesus monkeys.
  Brian Lau   Paul W. Glimcher
Dynamic Response-by-Response Models of Matching Behavior in Rhesus Monkeys
  Brian Lau   Paul W. Glimcher
Statistics of midbrain dopamine neuron spike trains in the awake primate.
  Hannah M. Bayer   Brian Lau   Paul W. Glimcher
Action and outcome encoding in the primate caudate nucleus.
  Brian Lau   Paul W. Glimcher
Value representations in the primate striatum during matching behavior.
  Brian Lau   Paul W. Glimcher
Value Representations in the Primate Striatum during Matching Behavior
  Brian Lau   Paul W. Glimcher
Rethinking the thalamus.
  Paul W. Glimcher   Brian Lau
Rethinking the thalamus
  Paul W. Glimcher   Brian Lau