AuthorClaim documentation


As far as technical documentation is concerned, AuthorProfile is built in a unique, self-documenting fashion. The self-documenting interface is at, yes, with two slashes. This leads you to a HTML-assisted view of the top directory structure. This view is generated by the documentation server with the help of the documentation module. You can check this module to see what we are hiding from you ☺.
If you want to get an overview about how we process requests to the system, the lighttpd daemon configuration at seems like a good place to start.
The one piece of non-technical documentation we provide is the assigment of responsibilities.

ftp data access

The 3lib data we use comes from 3lib. This data is available via ftp at We transform this data into a set of author-based file. We call this process “auversion”. The auverted data is only available via ftp at