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We now have a prototype running. Look at our list of authors. We use the profiles from the AuthorClaim registration service.


for authors
AuthorProfile builds a page or each academic author in the world, with all papers that they have written. When finished, it will be a replacement of the “papers published” part in academic CVs. All AuthorProfile data is freely reusable.
for librarians
AuthorProfile is a service that presents authors and the papers that they have written. It is different from a normal bibliographic database that lists papers and then the the papers’ authors. AuthorProfile places the prime focus on the author.


James is in the process of addressing matters unrelated to the development of AuthorProfile. As a result, he cannot commit to any development within the near future.
01/27/13: James has been involved in other projects and systems and is working to gradually begin contributing more to the Open Library Society. he is currently working to migrate the service to a new staging environment.
02/28/12: James is continuing to develop the object-oriented API. He is currently finishing the network exploration script in Python. This will deprecate what has been developed in Perl for the "vertical integration calculations". After this is functional, it will be moved to a BitBucket repository, and source code will be managed with the Git version control system.
02/24/12: James has drafted an overview of the network exploration process: (the Adobe PDF).
02/24/12: James has drafted an entity relationship diagram for the object-oriented revision of system processes: (the Adobe PDF).
02/19/12: James has authored a F. A. Q.
We have some documentation.